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Most of you will know by now, I’m not a blogger.  This means I don’t do outfit shots and I don’t post regularly.  One reason is that I am a focussed on styling rather than blogging but mainly its because there are countless blogs out there doing it really well already.

One such blog is Cocochic written by Stephanie Toms, a UK based, self-described fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger.  What I like about her site is a combination of interesting images and looks, funny, self-depreciating and enjoyable writing style, and the overall design and look of her site.

Since I mostly read blogs from the over 40 community (my regular reads are Fashionadventuresatanyage and Beautyj’adore it got me thinking about how we may unintentionally limit ourselves by sticking to our reading about our age group, instead of branching out and looking at sites by younger bloggers who may just have something to offer us more mature, seasoned ladies.

Reading Stephanie’s blog made me smile – she uses words like Ya-rly and FOMO regularly, and it reminded me of what being young is really about.  The ability to embrace life, wear what you want but still take things seriously and care about your place in the world.  Not so different from us older lasses huh?

Bravo Stephanie!



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