The wrong dress

the wrong dress

So what’s wrong with this dress you ask?  Ah well here is the fascination of fashion psychology… ostensibly nothing is wrong with it at all, apart from the process of thought that went into my buying it.

Allow me to take you on my journey of error!!!!

There I was with my best friend in H&M several months ago.  It was the first time I had ventured inside for a long time as I had forgone spending money on full priced items.

There the dress sat looking drapey and serene, set in a rack of other drapey, serene items and that started the fantasy, the dream of floating around in it through the summer, I started picturing occasions where I would be wearing it, drink in hand, laughing… of course.  The dream of a better life!

So what happened????  Well several things took place.

One – it was full length and despite trying it on in the changing room, I did not see then that it would feel very much like wearing a nightdress.

Two, the colour didn’t suit me.  This one I already knew and decided it was worth the compromise, I could always wear a scarf I reasoned, separating the colour from direct proximity to my face.

Three, I was shopping with my best friend and we were having a good day, euphoria abound so I wasn’t really paying too much attention to detail, I got swept up in it all.

Four – and this should have been the mother of all red flags – I had doubts.  Small doubts, but they were there.  I couldn’t quite work out what they were but I had a niggling feeling that something wasn’t quite right and I ignored them.

So there we are – proof positive that despite knowing your personal style guidelines you can still get it very wrong from time to time.  I recall seeing stylists Trinny and Susannah talking about choosing their outfits and hair for a major event and in hindsight realising they both made terrible choices!

Words to live by.  Enjoy!

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