latest obsessions

If you’re like me, when you’re browsing in shops or online, your eye is drawn to the same things over and over, especially if you have been obsessing – check that – THINKING about them for a while!  Here’s mine for this month…

Socks/tights with open-toed sandles

open toe tights

bridget fleming /


I think it’s a much edgier more contemporary way to do the tights/shoe thing, especially if those shoes are statement making.  My advice, don’t do statement tights AND statement shoes unless you have the personality to match!

Mint Green


mint loafers

mint sweater

Ahh the clean, cool, crisp shade of mint green – doesn’t it just make you feel like your teeth are shinier and your life is that bit better?  Well, its this colour that magically makes people feel all shivery and special whilst skipping down the streets in their minty shades, or maybe that’s just me…

Platform Loafers

jil sander navy mytheresa

Jil Sander Navy platform loafers

prada platform loafer

Prada platform loafer with cork sole

The platform loafer, or ‘Flatform’ as they are often called, is a new kid on the block and for me instantly allows me to wear midi dresses and skirts without feeling like a librarian.  It has also virtually wiped out any interest I have in wearing my ballet flats as they now look ridiculously teeny and girly as though I should give them all to my 5 year old daughter!  These chunky mothers take some beating, are super comfy and make me feel invincible – all that from a shoe you ask? Why yes.. go see for yourselves!!



what to wear to meet the inlaws!

This will be the first post of several that focus on events that require careful outfit planning… this first one striking the fear of hell into most of us!  So here is my (carefully planned and thought out) outfit idea:

meet the inlaws

Things to note:

PLAY IT SAFE!  This is not the time to experiment or wear that neon necklace you love.  Keep your colours and shapes easy on the eye so as not to scare your new inlaws and stress out your partner!*

  • That said, there’s no need to hide who you are but your personality should do the talking, not your outfit.
  • This outfit says “I’m confident, I know how to dress for the occasion and I respect you“.  Its important to know what colours and shapes suit you so you will feel at ease.  Don’t try anything new as you will be thinking about your outfit instead of listening and being present.
  • To break it down – the dress is a classic shape in a feminine fabric (which usually goes down well with women of a certain age who may have grown up in/been influenced by the 40’s & 50’s).  The smart leather jacket says you are not destitute!  The tights and boots say you are demure and sensible (even if you’re not!)  The bag, scarf and jewellery are subtle and pretty.  The whole outfit blends in with any environment (save for out walking in the snow) whilst still being beautiful.


* Of course this post doesn’t take into account all the very different ‘meet the inlaws’ variations there are, so apologies if it seems to only embrace the socially acceptable status quo!

2 ways with a leopard swing skirt – summer

2 ways with a leopard swing skirt - summer


This post shows you how one item can be incredibly versatile and carry you through from summer to winter.