Autumn – its all about texture

How to get some texture into your style

CHANEL trainers

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Scan any magazine lately and all the fashion spreads have one thing in common, texture.  The level of beading, embroidery, quilting, applique and general jazzing-up of the humble pieces we cover ourselves with has reached new and dizzy heights. 

Speaking personally, I'm singing hallelujah!  Gone are the gentle florals and subtle pastels of 2012/13 and instead we have net, mesh, neoprene and plastics, ready to jump out at you for Autumn/Winter 2014.

If all this scares the bejesus out of you, fear not – just tread lightly and start off with a small accessory or minimal shapes.  Don't try a new colour AND lots of embellishment until you find out whether this new direction is for you.  Take a deep breath, its going to be alright…

sg charlotte quilt backpack

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sg waffle stitch sweater

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chanel karl

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Spring summer 13 trends – How to do texture and embellishment

Ultra-textured and Ultra-embellished

So although top designers are revving up for February's Autumn/Winter 2013 fashion weeks, in Australia we are well into summer so here's a quick look at the trends and how to make them wearable for you!  I'll be posting several trend interpretations over the coming days so watch this space! ss13trends Leave it to Alexander McQueen to do dramatic to perfection!  For this look you will see plenty of high street accessories with texture and embellishment and that's definitely the way to go – keep the outfit fairly simple and add the drama via a statement shoe, bracelet or purse.  For daytime, a raffia/embroidered bag or a hat with lots of detail is enough and don't be afraid of mixing colours (another trend but we'll get to that in my next posts!)