Burgundy is the new black

Transitional Dressing

When there's a shift in weather and the shops start displaying transitional items for the new season, I'm like a moth to a flame and find myself transfixed, walking towards the shiny and new with very little will- power involved.

In Australia we are coming into Autumn/Winter 2013 which means lots of exciting new shapes and colours and ohhhhhh burgundy how I love you!  Teal you are my 'BFF' and olive green you are my new romance, throw in a pair of tan suede ankle boots and I am rubbing my hands together in glee, skipping like a schoolgirl!

burgundy is the new black

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3 Ways with Jeans – school run style!

Busy mums basics


Being a busy mum myself (is there any other kind?) I find that often in the chaos of the school run its just too hard to think about how you look, so here are some outfits to inspire you..  
Things to note:

Leopard print for grown ups

… without the 'Rowrrrrrr' !

leopard print for grown ups

Lets face it, leopard print, or animal prints in general, isn't for everyone.  Some of us love it (hands up, guilty!) and some of us would no more consider wearing animal print than, well, the animal itself – so keep reading for a quick guide on how to rock it whether you're a Tigger (bold), a Pooh Bear (moderate), or a Piglet (subtle).

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Last days of summer!

Wear yellow

Yup, you read that right – the summer in Australia is officially closing! The days of being able to wear light summery colours are fast receding and winter styles are already creeping into stores.

'So what do I do?'  I hear you cry… well there's only one thing to do, whip out your strongest summery shades and strut down the street enjoying a last hurrah before you start drooling over those tan suede ankle boots and navy wool pea-coats … mmmmmm….

elle mcpherson yellow head to toe

image courtesy of Instyle.com.au

SS13 trends – how to do high shine

The New Metallics

high shine


Ok – breathe easy, have a seat, don't panic!  If all these reflective surfaces have you hyperventilating let me take you gently by the hand and guide you through this trend which will see many many young people looking like they are auditioning for a part in a primary school version of 2001 A Space Odyssey…

Like most trends, you must apply a filter to what you see on the catwalk and adapt it to the real world, in very small doses.  So when words like 'high shine' and 'metallic' are bandied about, you need to remember "ahaa, that means I could wear some shinier than usual earrings" – you get the idea!

Things to note:

  • NEVER do it yourself with foil… EVER
  • DO wear sequin/metallic trainers (runners) but keep everything else very low key
  • If you're feeling brave, you can rock a metallic jacket but as stated above everything else must be almost boring, and certainly be neutral coloured.
  • As always – the easiest way to show you are trend-aware whilst you pick up the kids or do the weekly shop is via accessories, and in this case it has never been more true – high shine was MADE for accessories!
  • You CAN rock a shiny mini skirt if you have legs like Cameron Diaz and are under 35 otherwise, shed a tear and move on

How to wear shorts

Generally there are two types of shorts ..

  • short shorts (see denim cut-offs, kate moss, any girl under 20 on a hot day)
  • knee length shorts (favoured by mature women, 20-something men, and boxers!)

Unless you have a figure like Elle McPherson, there's a few things to note about wearing short-shorts.  They look best if you are relatively slim with good legs or you can wear neutral wedges to give the appearance of long slim pins.  DON'T wear shorts with stillettos for daytime wear, unless you like looking like you're joining Real Housewives..! If you're conscious of your legs or they aren't your best feature but its HOT outside and you have to wear them, keep them to the knee or just below (as with my post on skirts: pear shaped, apple shaped) and make sure they are NOT BAGGY!  Surfing style shorts are for the beach if you are, you know, actually surfing! Here's an example of what NOT to do.. how not to wear shorts Continue reading “How to wear shorts”


Anyone who has wandered innocently into big high street stores over the past few months has probably been hit with a wave of eye-popping neon, a tidal wave of rack after rack of the stuff!  For those of you who did a quick 180 muttering mild expletives and headed straight back out again – rest assured there is a way to do neon without looking like you should know better… neon for grown ups Things to note ALWAYS pair neon with neutrals, Continue reading “NEON FOR GROWN UPS”


Wishing everyone a good January – a time when blogs are full of the stuff we should all be thinking about, jogging, cleaning out our make-up drawer, getting those pants mended, thinking of exciting non-computer games to play with our kids… wait a minute… I know I won’t get around to any of those things (pass me the chips please) so instead here’s an inspiring photo of the stunning Leandra Medine from Manrepeller.com to focus us all on looking sharp and being braver in this new year!


images copyright leandra medine