The inaugural SESS – Saturday Evening Styling Sessions!


Imagine getting together with your besties on a Saturday night, sipping champagne, trying on all sorts of outfits and having a great laugh whilst a stylist gives you all fashion advice…

Well imagine no more because last night was the very first SESS – Saturday Evening Styling Sessions from Style Revival

Hosted flawlessly by the lady of the house, myself and 4 very game lasses (including one inspirational nine-year old) had so much fun exploring different looks and talking about all things fashion, specifically how to make looks work and why. 

If this is something that interests you, check out my What we do or Prices pages for details…

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Happy LMFF 2013 opening night!

Well its finally here!!  The opening night and first runway of Melbourne’s iconic fashion festival 2013… I am breathless with excitement!  My outfit is ready, my nails are done, my eyebrows groomed and everything is washed, pressed and hung – its like Cinderella without the actual floor scrubbing and ugly sisters!

Have a wonderful event everyone and look forward to seeing some of you there…


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Romance Was Born.  image