what to wear – girls night out

girls night out
Joie top, $305 / Helmut Lang , $275 / Rupert Sanderson shoes / Long necklace, $70 / Free People / Lipstick

I do love that the name of this MAC lipstick shade is Lady Danger!  Taking that as inspiration, along with my friend’s upcoming girls-only birthday celebration, this is an outfit that (depending as always on your body type/style) should be comfortable whilst looking fantastic. 

Things to note:

I’m not usually a fan of black with a colour, however this outfit is tailored towards my friend who is a red-head.  If you’re brunette or blonde, swap out the colour accordingly and choose a colour that suits your skin tone.

  • If you have the pins, wearing jeans with a slight waxy sheen (don’t go over the top unless you’re auditioning for a remake of Saturday Night Fever) worn with classic suede heeled pumps is a standout look that never dates.
  • If there’s a meal involved and you’ll be sitting down chatting with your girlfriends, think about wearing a top that isn’t too clingy so you can enjoy your food without being conscious of sucking in your stomach!  Also, if you have long hair you might want to ditch dangly earrings for the night so you can throw your head back and laugh without being given a black eye by your jewellery!


Is Sussan relevant?

I had a quick look in a Sussan store today on my way home from grocery shopping and in the name of research for this blog (obvs!)  Like many people I tend to think of Sussan as good for basics, aimed at an older market and over-priced (and a quick google search confirmed this) so I was pleasantly surprised to find some modern, very wearable pieces…

sussan animal print

Things to note:

  • Sussan are part of the ‘The Sussan Group’ with Sportscraft and Suzanne Grae (why two Susan name derivatives I wonder?) and appears to fall in the middle of the 3 different price points.  That said, most comments I’ve seen find Sussan’s pieces over-priced and not good quality, especially after washing a couple of times.  I tend to agree for the most part, but they do run regular sales!
  • They strike the balance between overly bold patterns/prints and none at all – read: boring.  The key is to pick one item say a printed pant and wear with your other neutrals at home
  • For me, the best thing is that they cut their pants to suit women, not girls so I often can find pants that fit me here that I don’t anywhere else
  • Unlike Sportscraft, they are much more trend led and I think they do this well, managing to create wearable items for the over 30’s that aren’t too fashionable to the point of eye-wateringly so!

In summary, I think they still have relevance and not just for the mature buyer – the trick (as with most stores these days) is to choose carefully and selectively for one or two good pieces, don’t expect them to last forever and wait for the sales for better prices!

Grunge is back!

www grunge13

According to Who What Wear – Grunge is definitely back … BE AFRAID! BE VERY AFRAID!

Oh yes, for those of us who (ahem) remember grunge the first time around (horrible memory of me floating around college in a tatty black felt hat with an actual brass pocket watch pinned to it and the wrong shade of red lipstick) this re-working might come as a shock and might immediately be filed under the category of don’t…even, along with very skinny white jeans, harem pants and shoulder pads.

However..as with all things fashion these things have a way of seeping into our consciousness (and wardrobes) over time and I have previously dismissed trends, only to be eating my words later on.

Making it work:

  • It is much more luxe this time around so choose luxury fabrics and impeccable cuts – don’t be tempted to whip out and buy the first jumbo-striped black and red jumper you find.  You will NOT remind people of Kurt Cobain, you WILL prompt them to ask if you’re going to a costume party.
  • By all means wear lace over checks but do it with normal proportions.  Unless you are under 25, be very careful with crop tops, its an art form.
  • Think hint of grunge rather than ‘oh my god i’m so excited I can embrace this trend again exactly the same way 15 years later!!’  A t-shirt with a nod to the era (music/bands are usually the safest bet) is fine, as is the oversized jumper or the chunky heeled shoe but buy Dr.Martens shoes rather than the actual boot, that’s a step too far if you’re over a certain age.




Oscars style 2013

Melissa McCarthy and Zooey Deschanel

An alternative Oscars look

Now, straight up I’m saying it must be virtually impossible to get dressed for Oscars night if you’re a celebrity – especially a female one (cue ten million trolls commenting on your outfit) however in my humble opinion, these two ladies are worthy of much more flattering style choices than they appeared to make.  This advice is however headed out to us everyday ladies and not meant to female-shame these sparkling celebrities.

melissa mccarthy

zooey deschanel oscars 13
2013 Vanity Fair
Zooey Deschanel
24 Feb 2013
Credit: Brian To/WENN.com

Things to note:

With curvy shapes, avoid jersey fabric at all costs, it won’t show the best parts of you and is unforgiving on everyone except possibly Gwyneth Paltrow.

Its especially important with formal wear that the dress fits you correctly in the places the eye is drawn to.  Here, Melissa’s dress is hugging her in all the wrong places and draws the eye to the heaviest parts of her which makes her figure look more shapeless than it actually is.

If you are young as Zooey Deschanel is, then there is no need to wear something that covers most of you up.  This dress ages her and also looks too much like a nightgown.  Finally, the colour is much too pale against her skin and dark hair.

Provided you keep the formality of the occasion in mind, if you are young you can still be playful with either the colour of your shoes/accessories or the style of the dress. Zooey has years ahead of her to wear long sleeve, full length dresses, something more modern might be better.

How fat and ugly makes more money than you

'Fat and Ugly' equals real style

If you haven't been living in darkest Peru for the past few decades you will no doubt be up close and personal with the fashion industry's unrealistic idea of what is attractive – read: verrrryyyyy skinny, extra tall girls and overly muscled, square jawed boys.

So, before you throw your double-choc muffin in the air and scream "its all too much!" sit back and enjoy a well deserved break in the form of how the so-called 'fat and ugly' people are taking sexy back…


Six capsule wardrobe outfits

Creating an autumn winter capsule wardrobe

If you have been reading my blog you will know I have already posted how to create a capsule wardrobe and creating outfits with 6 pieces plus my article on the top 5 transition items for your wardrobe on mumslounge.com.au.

So, to follow up, here are 6 outfits for your autumn/winterinspiration.  Each one should get you through any occasion (except perhaps your wedding!) and I’d love to hear your thoughts, in the meantime enjoy your new capsule wardrobe inspiration…


aw13 capsule 1


aw13 capsule 2


aw13 capsule 3


aw13 capsule 4


aw13 capsule 5


aw13 capsule 6


aw13 capsule 7


aw13 capsule 8



how to do matching colours

matching colours

….without looking like the Queen!

A big trend for 2013 will definitely be matching your outfit so follow some easy guidelines on how to avoid looking like her majesty!

Things to note:

Matching clothes will look best on most of us if you stick to colours that are easy on the eye.  Head to toe black can be bland so try burgundy, dark green, teal, grey and white.  If you’re a fan of pastels, colours like seafoam can work, but avoid trickier colours like baby pink or blue if you aren’t actually a baby!

The best way to work a matching outfit is by contrasting textures in the same colour.  Think cobalt blue leather pencil skirt with chiffon floaty cobalt top.

Don’t be tempted to match your nails or lipstick unless you are a fashion expert as it can come across as overkill – that said, its perfectly fine to match your accessories with a similar tone to the outfit you’re wearing.

Temper the overall impact of matching with a few neutrals.  The same rule applies for matching as for neon – gently does it and ground the look with tan, grey, white (not generally black as this shade deadens colours).



Elisa Sednaoui talks fashion

and with some authority too!

Elisa Sednaoui is a model, director and actress but you or I have probably seen her modelling for Chanel and Vogue.  For someone with Italian, French and Egyptian heritage it is almost a guarantee to be blessed with stunning looks and holy moly the girl can dress!  Enjoy a few moments in her company…


2 ways with a leather jacket

2 ways with a leather jacket





Ah the leather jacket – beloved by James Dean, Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix (apparently anyone named James!) and it looks equally sexy on us ladies, so here are two ways to style it if you're curvy or more petite.  As always –

Things to note: Continue reading “2 ways with a leather jacket”