Get ready for spring

Ahh Spring… blossoms, crisp sunshine, light colours … this season make it really easy on yourself and draw inspiration from these stylish women who have kept things very simple.






all images courtesy of Pinterest

  • the details are all important. Round sunglasses, different fabrics together like leather and silk, the right size bag, don't overlook the impact they make.
  • keep your sillhouette simple, purchase the best fitting pair of straight leg or skinny black pants you can afford and invest in a classic leather jacket in either a biker or suit jacket shape.
  • don't be put off by models and tiny dress sizes, what works on a slim woman can easily look great on a curvy shape, just emphasise the parts of your body you're most proud of.
  • wear one statement piece at a time and keep the rest of your look neutral. A kimono jacket or a bright pattern or colour is the only thing you need to express your style. If you like wearing paler colours, keep the tones similar from head to toe for a savvy put-together look.
  • Enjoy yourself… its nearly spring!

SS13 trends – how to do high shine

The New Metallics

high shine


Ok – breathe easy, have a seat, don't panic!  If all these reflective surfaces have you hyperventilating let me take you gently by the hand and guide you through this trend which will see many many young people looking like they are auditioning for a part in a primary school version of 2001 A Space Odyssey…

Like most trends, you must apply a filter to what you see on the catwalk and adapt it to the real world, in very small doses.  So when words like 'high shine' and 'metallic' are bandied about, you need to remember "ahaa, that means I could wear some shinier than usual earrings" – you get the idea!

Things to note:

  • NEVER do it yourself with foil… EVER
  • DO wear sequin/metallic trainers (runners) but keep everything else very low key
  • If you're feeling brave, you can rock a metallic jacket but as stated above everything else must be almost boring, and certainly be neutral coloured.
  • As always – the easiest way to show you are trend-aware whilst you pick up the kids or do the weekly shop is via accessories, and in this case it has never been more true – high shine was MADE for accessories!
  • You CAN rock a shiny mini skirt if you have legs like Cameron Diaz and are under 35 otherwise, shed a tear and move on

Spring summer 13 trends – How to do texture and embellishment

Ultra-textured and Ultra-embellished

So although top designers are revving up for February's Autumn/Winter 2013 fashion weeks, in Australia we are well into summer so here's a quick look at the trends and how to make them wearable for you!  I'll be posting several trend interpretations over the coming days so watch this space! ss13trends Leave it to Alexander McQueen to do dramatic to perfection!  For this look you will see plenty of high street accessories with texture and embellishment and that's definitely the way to go – keep the outfit fairly simple and add the drama via a statement shoe, bracelet or purse.  For daytime, a raffia/embroidered bag or a hat with lots of detail is enough and don't be afraid of mixing colours (another trend but we'll get to that in my next posts!)  


Anyone who has wandered innocently into big high street stores over the past few months has probably been hit with a wave of eye-popping neon, a tidal wave of rack after rack of the stuff!  For those of you who did a quick 180 muttering mild expletives and headed straight back out again – rest assured there is a way to do neon without looking like you should know better… neon for grown ups Things to note ALWAYS pair neon with neutrals, Continue reading “NEON FOR GROWN UPS”