How to wear a maxi skirt in winter

maxi skirt for winterI often think its tricky to pull off a maxi skirt in winter as it doesn’t have an obvious go-to shoe as it does in summer (flat, open-toed sandals), so here is a look to try.

The draw of this look is the contrast between the floaty fabric and the solid tux jacket or the camel wool coat.  You can up the drama in an outfit by combining lux fabrics like silk, chiffon, sequins but keeping the whole look in neutral colours.  All neutrals work together and in this case, black and navy are both neutrals.

For those of us with curvy backsides, don’t forget the Spanx underneath!

3 ways with a midi skirt

So a clarification here – usually I post my own creations for outfit inspiration, however I came across this fabulous post by Jane of and had to show you.

seaofshoes midi skirt

Things to note:

Jane is a stunning young woman obviously so would probably just as good in a paper bag, that said she is also very petite and pale skinned so bear that in mind if you want to recreate these exact looks.  If you have ‘cankles’ (like me) avoid or simply choose a skirt that ends just below your knee, instead of at calf length, however the heel does help with the illusion of slimmer calves.

  • If you’re a pear shape, beware the first look here as long shirt + calf length skirt = unflatteringly large hip area!
  • Equally if you have swimmers shoulders and carry your weight around that area, avoid the last look as the sleeveless puffer will add extra bulk to your form.
  • As Jane has done, this look definitely requires heels.  Only those with teensy ankles and long legs can wear flats with a skirt that finishes at the calf.  If you have chunkier legs than Jane, choose a wedge shoe to balance you out.