Sports Sunday

A strange desire has crept up on me lately… The wish for a more sporty vibe to my wardrobe


A strange desire has crept up on me lately… The wish for a more sporty vibe to my wardrobe à la the likes of Rihanna and Jess Dempsey of Whatwouldkarldo blog (but not Rita Ora, that’s a step too far!)

Oh yes indeed! Me of the gen x era who has never been remotely into sports suddenly wants to skip around in sweatshirts and trainers. This could go horribly wrong, now DROP AND GIVE ME 20!

how to do matching colours

matching colours

….without looking like the Queen!

A big trend for 2013 will definitely be matching your outfit so follow some easy guidelines on how to avoid looking like her majesty!

Things to note:

Matching clothes will look best on most of us if you stick to colours that are easy on the eye.  Head to toe black can be bland so try burgundy, dark green, teal, grey and white.  If you’re a fan of pastels, colours like seafoam can work, but avoid trickier colours like baby pink or blue if you aren’t actually a baby!

The best way to work a matching outfit is by contrasting textures in the same colour.  Think cobalt blue leather pencil skirt with chiffon floaty cobalt top.

Don’t be tempted to match your nails or lipstick unless you are a fashion expert as it can come across as overkill – that said, its perfectly fine to match your accessories with a similar tone to the outfit you’re wearing.

Temper the overall impact of matching with a few neutrals.  The same rule applies for matching as for neon – gently does it and ground the look with tan, grey, white (not generally black as this shade deadens colours).



how to wear a wide brimmed hat

how to wear a wide brimmed hat





Wearing a wide-brim hat isn't for everyone – this look requires a certain commitment to drama or a fondness for a particular era … think Audrey Hepburn, Lauren Hutton, Anita Pallenberg.  Today everyone from Miranda Kerr to Kim Kardashian has worn one, to greater or lesser effect so as always here are

How to wear pyjamas in the daytime!

easy daytime pyjama style


Last year you might just have seen Psy's Gangnam Style in which he created a dance style based on riding-a-horse moves?  Well this outfit always makes me feel I'm doing just that because its just so comfy I feel utterly carefree and childlike!
This is the outfit I wore today when I had to organise my kids, thoughts and yes even  manage complicated tasks such as … making toast… with a slight (read large) hangover from birthday celebratory drinks the night before.

gold retro sequin, just another tuesday night…

gold retro sequin
Mango sequin tank top, $37 / Black motorcycle jacket / AX Paris fitted jeans, $40 / Miss Selfridge glitter wedge / River Island leaf jewelry, $4.82


Last night I went to a surprise birthday dinner with friends and one of them wore a version of the above outfit.  Having played it safe in navy fitted slightly flared pants and a navy light sweater with vintage jewellery I felt I’d been a bit less than brave, so here’s to dressing just as provocatively on a tuesday night as the weekend!