what to wear – between season weddings

A slightly edgier approach to wedding outfits

wedding guest outfit
Ahh weddings – the anticipation, the excitement, the nerves… and that’s just the guests!
Dressing for weddings oddly throws us into a panic and we throw everything we know about our own style out the window, instead buckling under pressure from over-eager sales assistants or dredging up a black dress we haven’t actually tried on in 3 years.  So, to keep a cool head take a look at the following:
  • Think about what you feel most comfortable in usually.  If its pants, wear them, if its flats wear them.  Nothing will make you feel worse than teetering on 6 inch stillettos if you rarely wear heels.  Just dial up the luxury – choose pants made of silk or flats with serious sequin/embellishment and you won’t look out of place
  • Luxury fabrics are a must – steer well clear of denim, cork, raffia and even linen (unless you are overseas in a tropical location where the dress code is much more casual) and stick to classic shapes rather than statement styles/colours.  No neon!
  • As weddings usually involve A LOT of standing around, often on grass, think about wearing a wedge instead of a thin heel which will sink into grass, so make sure they are comfortable and have a fairly sturdy base.

The above photo is of me from a wedding I went to in March 2011 – I’m wearing a green silk maxi dress (ebay score), green silk blazer from J Crew  (secondhand) and cobalt blue suede flats from Zara.  I also wore a fringed blue silk scarf.  I had lots of comments on my outfit and was the only one who wasn’t freezing during English March spring weather!




A couple of friends have given me their 'wish-list' of style ideas which got me thinking about how we all manage when we are between sizes (baby/christmas/oh-damn-those-scales) and how when you have a little one in tow you have to re-think your jewellery options!
Things to note:

3 Ways with Jeans – school run style!

Busy mums basics


Being a busy mum myself (is there any other kind?) I find that often in the chaos of the school run its just too hard to think about how you look, so here are some outfits to inspire you..  
Things to note:

how not to look predictable at the christmas party!

for lisa - all out glam!

A quick (or slow for that matter) wander around the shops at this time of year often sees me emitting regular heavy sighs as I drift past row after row of black sparkly dresses and red satin (polyester) halter dresses.  The thing about wearing black to a party held at night is that, well, its DARK outside!  Time to embrace colour even if its just your shoes, add some texture and pair the outfit with accessories that aren’t the usual colour choice – be the butterfly in a room full of ravens and mix it up a little!  Happy Christmas!

Lanvin off the shoulder dress, $1,445 / Antonio Berardi beaded sheath dress, $2,890 / Bernie Dexter print dress / Chinese Laundry bow heels / High heel shoes / Alexandre Birman platform heels / Alexander McQueen black clutch / Kate Spade long pearl earrings / Ippolita earrings, $4,925 / Karaoke Room Dress in Power Ballad

Colours for Redheads

Colours for Redheads
Here’s the thing about redheads – they are by far the easiest group to work out which colours suit – its much more a matter of tone.  The set I’ve put together above incorporates colours that will suit almost all redheads, with just a tweak of the exact shade of each colour and that can be done very easily by standing in a jewellery shop and holding accessories up to your face, maybe take a quick snap with your phone so you can compare later!  Questions to ask, does this shade of the colour wash me out or make me look vibrant?  You know the answer…
Now go wear some colour – its summer in Australia!
Giuseppe Zanotti suede pumps / Alexander McQueen red clutch, $1,565 / Irene Neuwirth gold jewelry / Pippa Small carnelian ring / Bounkit green onyx earrings / Swarovski ring / Kate Spade locket necklace / Alexis Bittar lucite jewelry / Glass jewelry / ASOS tear drop earrings, $5.65 / Gemstone jewelry / Mint braided chain bracelet, $18 / Wrap bracelet / Nelly Accessories feather earrings, $7.99 / ORLY nail lacquer