5 ways with a leather jacket

The leather jacket – probably the most versatile item in your wardrobe that looks good on both men and women and immortalized by everyone from Jim Morrison to Kim Kardashian.  If you don't own one, go out IMMEDIATELY and find one that makes you feel sexy, beautiful and just a little bit rock!  Here's some different ways to wear it …


kk leatherjckt

Kim's chosen a drapey style jacket, worn with simple grey tee, black skinnies and platform heels complete with neutral bag.  This is an easy outfit that looks especially good on curvy figures.  The tee finishes just at her hips drawing attention to her great curves and the pants and heels create a long lean line giving the illusion of height.  This is an example of the clothes showcasing the beauty of the woman in them.


leather jkt classic

This style looks great on mature women as all the elements are classic, blazer cut leather jacket in soft brown, dark classic shift dress and pointed heels in burgundy, ray ban sunglasses, neutral bag.  Not showy, just classically beautiful.  The jacket makes the look slightly edgy whilst still being age-appropriate.



With a coloured jacket, it's a statement piece so the rest of your outfit must be neutral otherwise you'll end up looking too christmas-tree-ish!  On the left image, Rachel Zoe wears a beautifully cut turquoise jacket to perfection, making the jacket the show piece of her outfit.  On the right, tones of burnt tobacco and olive green make the outfit visually interesting but not overwhelming. 


crop jkt2

What makes a cropped leather jacket work so well is that it can give the illusion of length and height.  If you're less than 5 foot 5, make sure whatever you wear underneath the jacket isn't too far away in tone from the colour of the jacket itself to give that elongated look.  If you're long and lithe like Nicole Richie here, then you can get away with more colour and pattern underneath the jacket but again bear in mind that she is still wearing a floor-skimming dress which creates the illusion of height.


glamour jkt

This is not a look for everyone (doing the weekly shop anyone?) however what makes it work is the contrast between the toughness of the studded leather jacket and the fragility of the white flowing dress.  Its also the unexpected – a leather jacket worn to a formal event.  It takes fashion savvy but sometimes its just fun to wear something that makes a big statement.






3 ways with a midi skirt

So a clarification here – usually I post my own creations for outfit inspiration, however I came across this fabulous post by Jane of SeaofShoes.com and had to show you.

seaofshoes midi skirt

Things to note:

Jane is a stunning young woman obviously so would probably just as good in a paper bag, that said she is also very petite and pale skinned so bear that in mind if you want to recreate these exact looks.  If you have ‘cankles’ (like me) avoid or simply choose a skirt that ends just below your knee, instead of at calf length, however the heel does help with the illusion of slimmer calves.

  • If you’re a pear shape, beware the first look here as long shirt + calf length skirt = unflatteringly large hip area!
  • Equally if you have swimmers shoulders and carry your weight around that area, avoid the last look as the sleeveless puffer will add extra bulk to your form.
  • As Jane has done, this look definitely requires heels.  Only those with teensy ankles and long legs can wear flats with a skirt that finishes at the calf.  If you have chunkier legs than Jane, choose a wedge shoe to balance you out.

2 ways with a leather jacket

2 ways with a leather jacket





Ah the leather jacket – beloved by James Dean, Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix (apparently anyone named James!) and it looks equally sexy on us ladies, so here are two ways to style it if you're curvy or more petite.  As always –

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Burgundy is the new black

Transitional Dressing

When there's a shift in weather and the shops start displaying transitional items for the new season, I'm like a moth to a flame and find myself transfixed, walking towards the shiny and new with very little will- power involved.

In Australia we are coming into Autumn/Winter 2013 which means lots of exciting new shapes and colours and ohhhhhh burgundy how I love you!  Teal you are my 'BFF' and olive green you are my new romance, throw in a pair of tan suede ankle boots and I am rubbing my hands together in glee, skipping like a schoolgirl!

burgundy is the new black

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Jess Loves Fred – yellow nail polish and parrots!

jessparrotjacket jessyellowpolishJess Loves Fred is a fantastic blog I’ve recently started following and I love how she combines colours and whimsical outfit combos and as I bang on about constantly, its all in the details…the gorgeous parrot jacket toning with the chunky orange necklace and bag and the rest of the outfit kept neutral to make the jacket the star.  Also, the rings and yellow nail polish on the second outfit is just sublime and totally makes the outfit! (images used with permission, thanks Jess!)