New year revolution!

Revolutionise your new year look

Yes you read that right – revolution not resolution.  As January sidles up with a shifty grin, make sure you've got the fashion nous to avoid common mistakes and start challenging your style and reassessing what you think works.  I found this excellent article from (horror of horrors) the UK's Daily Mail (yes I know… it won't happen again!)  It talks about your 'dress age' (in other words, how your clothes can indicate your age) and does a fantastic job demonstrating how clothes can prematurely age you, or reverse the ageing process!  Take a look and here's the link to the original article too.  Happy 2014 everyone!                                    41  68


Wishing everyone a good January – a time when blogs are full of the stuff we should all be thinking about, jogging, cleaning out our make-up drawer, getting those pants mended, thinking of exciting non-computer games to play with our kids… wait a minute… I know I won’t get around to any of those things (pass me the chips please) so instead here’s an inspiring photo of the stunning Leandra Medine from to focus us all on looking sharp and being braver in this new year!


images copyright leandra medine


In my last post what to wear if you’re pear shaped, it seems one in five of us are pears, apples account for 18% or nearly one in five.  Put together that seems like most of us!  So here’s some ways of dressing the gorgeous apple…


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