Micro trend – Fringe and Fray

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fringe & fray

juliannemoore fringed bag

Fringe? Frayed? Noooooooooooo!  I hear you cry….  Well fear not friends, I’m not talking about diving headlong into Festival territory where you start dressing like your teenage daughter and tripping through the tulips in your ripped denim hotpants.  No, take deep breaths, this is a mature, adult take on fringe and fraying, done with a modicum of decorum and a soupcon of style. 

Look for bags with fringe at the base (they’ve been around for seasons so try Asos or H&M) or the easiest way is to find a lightweight scarf with a larger than usual proportion of fraying around the edge and voila, there you have it, a nod to the trend without feeling like Kim Kardashian wants you on speed dial stat.