5 ways with a leather jacket

The leather jacket – probably the most versatile item in your wardrobe that looks good on both men and women and immortalized by everyone from Jim Morrison to Kim Kardashian.  If you don't own one, go out IMMEDIATELY and find one that makes you feel sexy, beautiful and just a little bit rock!  Here's some different ways to wear it …


kk leatherjckt

Kim's chosen a drapey style jacket, worn with simple grey tee, black skinnies and platform heels complete with neutral bag.  This is an easy outfit that looks especially good on curvy figures.  The tee finishes just at her hips drawing attention to her great curves and the pants and heels create a long lean line giving the illusion of height.  This is an example of the clothes showcasing the beauty of the woman in them.


leather jkt classic

This style looks great on mature women as all the elements are classic, blazer cut leather jacket in soft brown, dark classic shift dress and pointed heels in burgundy, ray ban sunglasses, neutral bag.  Not showy, just classically beautiful.  The jacket makes the look slightly edgy whilst still being age-appropriate.



With a coloured jacket, it's a statement piece so the rest of your outfit must be neutral otherwise you'll end up looking too christmas-tree-ish!  On the left image, Rachel Zoe wears a beautifully cut turquoise jacket to perfection, making the jacket the show piece of her outfit.  On the right, tones of burnt tobacco and olive green make the outfit visually interesting but not overwhelming. 


crop jkt2

What makes a cropped leather jacket work so well is that it can give the illusion of length and height.  If you're less than 5 foot 5, make sure whatever you wear underneath the jacket isn't too far away in tone from the colour of the jacket itself to give that elongated look.  If you're long and lithe like Nicole Richie here, then you can get away with more colour and pattern underneath the jacket but again bear in mind that she is still wearing a floor-skimming dress which creates the illusion of height.


glamour jkt

This is not a look for everyone (doing the weekly shop anyone?) however what makes it work is the contrast between the toughness of the studded leather jacket and the fragility of the white flowing dress.  Its also the unexpected – a leather jacket worn to a formal event.  It takes fashion savvy but sometimes its just fun to wear something that makes a big statement.






Mothers Day 2013

Of course, I could waffle on here about flowers and body products but you’re a bit more savvy than that aren’t you?  Yes you are.  Plus, this site is all about fashion so if you want to know about gift wrapping I’m afraid I’m not the best person to ask!

Here’s my top two picks for this year’s mothers day to make your ma literally swoon with delight!  (All the links will take you straight to the product.  I receive no endorsement for these recommendations, its just my wishlist!)

Pre-Order Leather Jacket, WINE, hi-res

Sportscraft leather jacket $599 including offer spend $150 get $50 off.



Diane Von Furstenberg nude pumps $287

Happy mothers day!

LMFF 2013 Highlights

So how was it?  The question on my friends' minds after my inaugural fashion festival opening night yesterday.  Well…. I was hoping to be excited (tick), inspired (tick-ish), on the edge of my seat and craning my neck to see the best of Australia's design talent parading by accompanied by a rocking soundtrack and light show.. well… not so much actually.  First, the photos…

katranz 2013 katrantzou 2013 katranzou 2 2013 katranz 3 2013 carlazampatti 3 2013 carlazampatti 2 2013 Continue reading “LMFF 2013 Highlights”

Happy LMFF 2013 opening night!

Well its finally here!!  The opening night and first runway of Melbourne’s iconic fashion festival 2013… I am breathless with excitement!  My outfit is ready, my nails are done, my eyebrows groomed and everything is washed, pressed and hung – its like Cinderella without the actual floor scrubbing and ugly sisters!

Have a wonderful event everyone and look forward to seeing some of you there…


lucasdawson romancewasborn

Romance Was Born.  image http://www.lucasdawson.com.au

Oscars style 2013

Melissa McCarthy and Zooey Deschanel

An alternative Oscars look

Now, straight up I’m saying it must be virtually impossible to get dressed for Oscars night if you’re a celebrity – especially a female one (cue ten million trolls commenting on your outfit) however in my humble opinion, these two ladies are worthy of much more flattering style choices than they appeared to make.  This advice is however headed out to us everyday ladies and not meant to female-shame these sparkling celebrities.

melissa mccarthy

zooey deschanel oscars 13
2013 Vanity Fair
Zooey Deschanel
24 Feb 2013
Credit: Brian To/WENN.com

Things to note:

With curvy shapes, avoid jersey fabric at all costs, it won’t show the best parts of you and is unforgiving on everyone except possibly Gwyneth Paltrow.

Its especially important with formal wear that the dress fits you correctly in the places the eye is drawn to.  Here, Melissa’s dress is hugging her in all the wrong places and draws the eye to the heaviest parts of her which makes her figure look more shapeless than it actually is.

If you are young as Zooey Deschanel is, then there is no need to wear something that covers most of you up.  This dress ages her and also looks too much like a nightgown.  Finally, the colour is much too pale against her skin and dark hair.

Provided you keep the formality of the occasion in mind, if you are young you can still be playful with either the colour of your shoes/accessories or the style of the dress. Zooey has years ahead of her to wear long sleeve, full length dresses, something more modern might be better.

Six capsule wardrobe outfits

Creating an autumn winter capsule wardrobe

If you have been reading my blog you will know I have already posted how to create a capsule wardrobe and creating outfits with 6 pieces plus my article on the top 5 transition items for your wardrobe on mumslounge.com.au.

So, to follow up, here are 6 outfits for your autumn/winterinspiration.  Each one should get you through any occasion (except perhaps your wedding!) and I’d love to hear your thoughts, in the meantime enjoy your new capsule wardrobe inspiration…


aw13 capsule 1


aw13 capsule 2


aw13 capsule 3


aw13 capsule 4


aw13 capsule 5


aw13 capsule 6


aw13 capsule 7


aw13 capsule 8



how to do matching colours

matching colours

….without looking like the Queen!

A big trend for 2013 will definitely be matching your outfit so follow some easy guidelines on how to avoid looking like her majesty!

Things to note:

Matching clothes will look best on most of us if you stick to colours that are easy on the eye.  Head to toe black can be bland so try burgundy, dark green, teal, grey and white.  If you’re a fan of pastels, colours like seafoam can work, but avoid trickier colours like baby pink or blue if you aren’t actually a baby!

The best way to work a matching outfit is by contrasting textures in the same colour.  Think cobalt blue leather pencil skirt with chiffon floaty cobalt top.

Don’t be tempted to match your nails or lipstick unless you are a fashion expert as it can come across as overkill – that said, its perfectly fine to match your accessories with a similar tone to the outfit you’re wearing.

Temper the overall impact of matching with a few neutrals.  The same rule applies for matching as for neon – gently does it and ground the look with tan, grey, white (not generally black as this shade deadens colours).



Melbourne’s RMIT fashion graduates 2012

RMIT Fashion showcase

at Alice Euphemia, Melbourne

There was something really exciting about being at Melbourne's iconic store Alice Euphemia last night for the showcase of RMIT's latest crop of talented fashion designers and their publication to promote the designs. 

The standard both on and off the mannequins was, as to be expected, extremely high including

  • incredible, intricate, beaded corset by Natasha Fagg
  • a pair of fantastic vegas-meets-hawaii style flatforms in hot pink!
  • galaxy print midi skirt with crop knit and a classic poplin stripe dress
  • handmade crab-print tee with gold hi-tops and a gorgeous stinging yellow silk top (more on designer Wei in my next post)
  • blonde/dark crop hair with a-line swing white dress with pink leaf print

see for yourself!


beaded corset RMIT

beaded corset RMIT -2

yellow flatforms

space skirt poplin dress

yellow silk top custom tee

pink white dress

Burgundy is the new black

Transitional Dressing

When there's a shift in weather and the shops start displaying transitional items for the new season, I'm like a moth to a flame and find myself transfixed, walking towards the shiny and new with very little will- power involved.

In Australia we are coming into Autumn/Winter 2013 which means lots of exciting new shapes and colours and ohhhhhh burgundy how I love you!  Teal you are my 'BFF' and olive green you are my new romance, throw in a pair of tan suede ankle boots and I am rubbing my hands together in glee, skipping like a schoolgirl!

burgundy is the new black

Things to note: Continue reading “Burgundy is the new black”

SS13 trends – how to do high shine

The New Metallics

high shine


Ok – breathe easy, have a seat, don't panic!  If all these reflective surfaces have you hyperventilating let me take you gently by the hand and guide you through this trend which will see many many young people looking like they are auditioning for a part in a primary school version of 2001 A Space Odyssey…

Like most trends, you must apply a filter to what you see on the catwalk and adapt it to the real world, in very small doses.  So when words like 'high shine' and 'metallic' are bandied about, you need to remember "ahaa, that means I could wear some shinier than usual earrings" – you get the idea!

Things to note:

  • NEVER do it yourself with foil… EVER
  • DO wear sequin/metallic trainers (runners) but keep everything else very low key
  • If you're feeling brave, you can rock a metallic jacket but as stated above everything else must be almost boring, and certainly be neutral coloured.
  • As always – the easiest way to show you are trend-aware whilst you pick up the kids or do the weekly shop is via accessories, and in this case it has never been more true – high shine was MADE for accessories!
  • You CAN rock a shiny mini skirt if you have legs like Cameron Diaz and are under 35 otherwise, shed a tear and move on