Spring is..sort of…here!

Spring racing carnivalAh Melbourne…

It always makes me smile how we all love to comment on the crazy spring weather that is Melbourne.  Even though it happens every year and there’s an actual song about 4 seasons in one day… we are still left open-mouthed by the swing from 25 degrees to 2 degrees in the space of 24 hours!

So, since this week alone I, along with most of you, have battled strong winds, torrential rain, bright sunshine and grey afternoons here are my top tips for dressing and staying sane in Spring:

Don’t wear floaty dresses yet!

This will cause you no end of hassle whilst you continually try and make the skirt half stay down in blustery weather or worse, it will stick to your legs and bum if it gets damp or wet!

Do take layers!

This is a no-brainer of course, Melbournites know this already but it bears repeating that a light jacket and cardi can save you when it goes from 30 degrees to 12 degrees in the space of 20 minutes.

Don’t give up your boots!

I’m talking a pair of ankle boots here, preferably in tan or black with a low-medium heel that can be worn with jeans or a pencil skirt.  Even if its hot outside, your boots won’t look out of place due to the newness of the season and it will keep your feet dry in a sudden shower.

Lighten up! (your colours of course)

Spring may not be quite awake and out of bed yet, but your colours can reflect the change in season even if the weather hasn’t caught up.  Lighten your colours from black to soft greys/peach/mint/tan or neutrals, focus on lighter fabrics too, cotton and silk rather than wool and heavy fabrics.  It will make you feel more in season whilst staying warm.

Finally … in the spirit of hoping the sunshine starts staying for longer than half and hour, have a look at the wonderful styles over at Fabulous-Femme.com who takes a fabulous photo or two of our ladies dressed up for the racing carnival.  Enjoy!



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