New year wardrobe edit guide

circa vintage rail

How many of us start the new year with all kinds of resolutions and good intentions but neglect to include a closet clean out? Yeah me too, guilty. We usually focus on body image, jobs, parenting but a wardrobe edit has the power to jump start these other areas, if done right!

Here is a photo of my latest clean out (ok its February already, who’s counting?)

 Wardrobe edit Feb 16

Trust me this is a vast improvement on the previous version!  So on to the basics, where to start?

1.  Look at inspiration online via Pinterest or blogs to find out what styles you prefer.

2. Take everything out of your wardrobe and lay it out, then piece by piece try it on and ask yourself these three questions – does it fit? Do I feel really good in it? Would I buy it new again now? If you’re unsure on any of those three questions then put it to one side in a black sack or big bag.

3. Put back only pieces you are 100 percent happy with, everything else put away put of sight and if you haven’t missed anything in 2 months time give it to an op shop or sell/give to consignment stores. It’s really that simple. Once you’ve done this a few times it will become second nature and you’ll never get stuck or bored with your outfits again! For more personal advice I can help you one on one, or give me a call!

Enjoy x





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