Anyone who has wandered innocently into big high street stores over the past few months has probably been hit with a wave of eye-popping neon, a tidal wave of rack after rack of the stuff!  For those of you who did a quick 180 muttering mild expletives and headed straight back out again – rest assured there is a way to do neon without looking like you should know better… neon for grown ups Things to note ALWAYS pair neon with neutrals,that includes tan, beige, white, anything denim, but NOT black or you will resemble a roadworks sign. ACCESSORIES are the easiest way to do shots of neon, and that includes toes and fingernails but DO avoid huge, oversized bags unless the rest of your outfit is incredibly minimal and neutral in colour. BALANCE the neon as you would with any strong colour and make sure it is the star attraction with everything else in a supporting role.  Even in the bold outfit above, the jacket is the star and the shoes/bag are the supporting role. DON'T MIX MORE THAN 2 SHADES unless you're a die-hard, trend-driven fashionista in your 20's otherwise you'll just look too much like a psychotic rainbow (isn't that a band name?) KEEP NEON APART  It's fine to have neon shoes and clutch bag as they are far enough away from each other on the body, just don't wear bold neon earrings and a neon scarf – they are too close together and it just doesn't look right, plain and simple. There you have it, treat neon well and it will repay you by sending out the message that you are fashion-savvy enough to be aware of trends whilst not letting them rule your life.  Treat it badly and it will scream that you're a try-hard with no idea how to make this tricky colour work for you and people may start donning their sunnies when you get within 2 metres of them!

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