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Sky x2


Client Profile

Sky’s goals  to be braver, to learn about colours that suit, to work out how to wear accessories.

What we did  Like many women, Sky had multiple roles, mother, partner, student, family member so we came up with a base of outfits she could access quickly and change up with accessories.  We also looked at ‘date outfits’ and defined what styles she felt most comfortable with.  As a redhead there were definite colours that suited so we made a wish-list of purchases which we completed on several shopping trips.


As a mum in her mid-thirties with two little boys, I’d long ago replaced fashion, fun and colour for functionality and practicality.  I wasn’t totally unhappy with the way I looked, but I certainly didn’t feel confident that I looked great.
From my initial consultation with Cal, I immediately felt at ease – here was a woman with kids, just like me, and a life like mine.  We went through my wardobe, piece by piece, and discussed what it was that made me love, like, or abhor each of my clothes.  Rather than simply telling me to “chuck it all out!” she suggested new and different ways of wearing the existing clothes that I had.  I tried on each of the pieces in new combinations and Cal was able to explain why some pieces suited me more than others. I was prepared for the worst, but never once did she judge or say an unkind word about any of my clothes.
At the end of the consultation, I was able to look at my clothes objectively and tell the difference between what suited me and made me feel great, and what I was hanging on to for sentimental reasons (or out of guilt over an impulse purchase).   She guided to me toward colours that suited me and it was amazing to see how just with the addition of a belt here, a bangle there and different kinds of shoes it could transform my existing clothes!
It was an entirely cathartic experience and so much fun – like having your best friend over for a wardrobe makeover.  And at the end of the session, not only did I feel like a million bucks, I was able to part with clothes that I hadn’t worn since 1994 and was highly unlikely to again! Honestly, I couldn’t recommend Style Revival highly enough.
ann wedding outfit

Client Profile

Ann’s goals  to learn how to dress in classics with a modern outlook

What we did   Ann had a preference for bows and ruffles that were adding unnecessary volume to her shape and dating her look.  After our consultation we decided to streamline her basics to reflect her desire for an artistic and youthful style.  It was also important to convey her professional, smarter side and to make each piece in her wardrobe work harder so she was able to mix and match her outfits with ease.

Ann also chose a new, lighter hair colour and some contemporary glasses frames to complete her makeover.

Caroline took me and my wardrobe in hand!  We went through my clothes and decided what to keep and what not, then the fun bit, we went shopping. She’s great at shopping, takes all the stress out of it and chooses clothes that I hadn’t looked at and helped me to try new things.  Caroline is now in my head!! and stops me from buying frilly or frumpy clothes (which I am predisposed to do, but which don’t do much for me). I still have a little way to go on the frilly but the frumpy is definitely out and I look 10 years younger, even if I say it myself! Can’t thank her enough!
Client Profile

Renata’s goals  to be able to quickly put together stylish outfits without trying too hard.

What we did   Renata’s wardrobe had several items she was hanging on to for sentimental reasons so we went through everything to see what reflected her lifestyle and what wasn’t needed anymore.  Renata prefers classics and feminine looks whilst being able to maintain the serious side of her professional life.

After determining Renata had bought several versions of the same items we only kept the ones she was currently wearing and we identified gaps – mainly basics – and made a shopping list.  We then sorted her wardrobe into sections and organised her accessories, handbags and shoes so they could be easily seen and found in the morning rush.

We went shopping first to do research about what items were available and then to purchase a few key items with a view to saving for bigger purchases down the track.
I had Cal coming over for an afternoon to what seemed to me like an impossible mission- going through my entire wardrobe. Like many women I tend to hold on to clothes because once they looked great, or because one day I’ll fit into them again…
I could not believe when at the end of the day, we had gone through every single item I owned painlessly and I had a big bag of donations to be done. I also was left with a clear idea of what I need to get to complement what I had.
Cal helped me realise that I was holding onto things with the fear that if I gave things away I would end up with nothing, which in instead of being comforting, causes that unpleasant feeling of not having anything good every time you open your wardrobe.
Cal has this amazing ability to understand your style, and push you out of your comfort zone just enough- and great things happen!
sarah s
Client ProfileSarah’s goals  To edit down her very full wardrobe and to put together outfits that worked

What we did   Sarah’s life was extremely busy and she had little time to shop so consequently her wardrobe was overflowing with impulse purchases and she was only wearing a few items.  We went through her entire wardrobe and worked out what items she felt most happy in and made a wish list and a shopping list.

Sarah’s personality is bold so her wardrobe needed to match that so we experimented with accessories as a way to make her outfits stretch further.

After several shopping trips alongside reorganising space for her shoes and accessories, Sarah ended up with a wardrobe that works with her life and allows her to experiment and know that everything suits her.


Cal from Style Revival came in and rediscovered my wardrobe. I had multiple pieces of clothing that weren’t ever part of an outfit that Cal assisted me in working into day wear, work outfits and how with accessories I could get an outfit for evening. I remember the day because I thought Cal would come and give me a few ideas and I was rather nervous opening my wardrobe up to someone, but that was not the case. Cal went through every piece of clothing in my wardrobe, she listed down what pieces that would enhance what I already had, we had a pile to throw out, a pile to keep and she let me choose 6 pieces that I really wanted to remain in my wardrobe, the ones that had sentimental value.

I was nervous at first but the day ended up being a real laugh, Cal made me feel comfortable trying on clothes, confident to throw things out and gave me a guideline for what I need to purchase going forward. I definitely felt comfortable in her hands and with her guidance.

I can’t wait to get Cal back to do it all over again and this time get the second workbook so that I can flick through my outfits daily rather than wake up feeling stressed about what I should be wearing each day.



sarah - before
sarah p - wedding outfit
sarah p - wedding 2

Client Profile

Sarah’s goals To learn what to wear after losing a significant amount of weight

What we did  Sarah had made a phenomenal effort with her weight loss goal and consequently although she felt much better about herself she was finding it hard to dress her new body and needed some direction as to what suited her new body shape. 

Sarah’s wardrobe was fairly sparse so we went on a shopping trip to try things on and challenge her preconceptions about what she could wear.  We identified some basics she needed and made a list of things she could buy in future.  We also looked at items on Ebay and noted when online sales were happening so that we could make up Sarah’s wish list.
After trying on a particular dress she loved, Sarah waited until it had been reduced in the sale then snapped it up and wore it to a wedding (see photos) and she looked fantastic!  (children’s faces have been obscured)
TestimonialIn my first pregnancy I put on a whooping 5 stone (70lbs), i quickly then fell pregnant again after having my son without losing any of the weight and ended up 6st (84lbs) heavier than my pre-pregnancy weight and i was certainly no feather weight to start! With a hideous dose of post-natal depression, the pressure of having to go back to work to pay the bills and chronic sleep deprivation I felt that not only had i lost all of my confidence but i’d lost Sarah and morphed into mummy, with no trace of my former self.  My husband was very supportive and i managed to lose 7stone (98lbs) with exercise and diet but still felt my confidence had gone.  Being bigger i’d always shied away from clothes shopping, in fact i positively hated it. Instead I bought all my clothes online or through catalogues.  That way i didn’t have to go through the changing room hell of asking pencil thin pubescent shop assistants for a size bigger, hiding in the changing room and looking at a tiny mirror to see if clothes were ok because i was too scared to leave the cubicle and waltz along the mirrored isle to look at myself … or worse still … finding that absolutely nothing in the shop fitted me.  Even after losing the weight, the thought of shopping for clothes was something i would actively avoid, but more and more friends were trying to make me see that having lost so much weight i didn’t have to hide under baggy shapeless black clothes …. there was no doubt i needed help!

That’s when Caroline came along.  There are some people that you meet and you remember meeting the first time for the rest of your life, well for me, that was Caroline.  I was terrified at the thought of sharing my dreaded experiences of shopping and it took me 2 weeks to pluck up the courage to let her see my wardrobe and the horrors within.  But, there was no judgement of my choice tunic tent tops, no condescending looks of pity or tutting at my head to toe fleeces.  It gave Caroline an opportunity to look at the sort of colours i like to wear, the patterns or cuts that i feel comfortable in and the style i had – i wasn’t even aware i had my own style!  It wasn’t about throwing out all of my clothes and spending a fortune on new trendy bits, and more about looking at styles that suit my figure, show off my best bits (i’d never considered my ankles or wrists to be attractive!) and stay with the colours and items that i enjoy wearing and feel comfortable in.  On our first shopping trip out, i remember being so anxious that i was reluctant to even go in some shops, and remember having a coffee and much needed pastry (for energy of course) before being coaxed into a big fashionable store.  Caroline was brilliant, not only encouraging me to look at different colours but also picking out styles to give me ideas of what sort of things i should be trying on.  It wasn’t all about trendy pieces but more about classic wardrobe staple items that will always look good and can stay in your wardrobe for years rather than just a season.  I learnt so much.  How accessories can be your very best friend in making your outfits (that you’ve had for years) look bang on trend,  making the most of your assets and knowing what looks good on you, how just a really nice pair of boots or shoes can transform a bargain bin pair of jeans!
Caroline’s advice and guidance has saved me a bundle of money in wasted clothes buying and seen me take more time over what i buy and the confidence to know what i look good in.  My self esteem has been given a much needed boost and i’ve had so many comments about my weight loss that i’ve lost count.  Bring on the scary work meetings, bring on the mummy gangland warfare in the playground, bring on the cheeky little admiring glances i get around town …. Caroline, you’ll never know the impact you’ve had, and i cant thank you enough – my husband wants to thank you especially for the lingerie tips .. for me not him that is! :O)
Caroline Spiers – a fashionista goddess!
[email protected] 0414 524 918
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