Fast Fashion broken down


I have recently discovered a new blog called Stylish Murmurs written by Victoria based blogger Deborah.  I’ve really been enjoying her no fuss take on style and her regular outfit posts, however it was her explanation about her approach to limiting her fast fashion purchases that was so useful that I thought “I really couldn’t write that any better” so thought I won’t and will instead direct you to her post here.

In a nutshell what drew me to her post was her description of having a strong emotional response to clothing and that she can quickly lose herself in the beauty of something and disregard that it may not suit her body or lifestyle.

Well done Deborah, love your work!


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2 thoughts on “Fast Fashion broken down”

  1. I enjoy Deborah’s take too. I think as we get older we become much more aware of what does and doesn’t work. We know more about who we are and how to express that through our clothing and accessories. We can avoid many of the mistakes we may once have made.

    1. Very true. I liked Deborah’s awareness of the power of an emotional response to clothes, sometimes it trips me up and I realise it’s what has happened! Thanks for the reply, love your blog too!

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