Q.   Can I trust you with my image overhaul?

A.   Yes!  I'm not the scary, sky-high-heels-wearing, 'fierce fashionista' you might be used to seeing – I'm gentle and offer truthful and sensitive advice and I give a 100% money back guarantee if you're not completely happy with my service.  Plus – I'm very good at my job.

Q.   How does the 100% money back guarantee work?

A.  After we complete the service if you are unhappy you have up to 14 days to claim a full refund, or be refunded for any part of the service if you paid for individual components.  Your satisfaction is my business and I will work diligently to ensure you are more than happy with the service you receive.

Q.  Is it expensive?

A.   After the first free 45 minutes consultation my rates start at $80 per hour and you are welcome to simply book an hour's wardrobe assessment for $80 and then come back again if you'd like to book more time at a later date.

Q.  What payment types do you accept?

A.   I accept Paypal, bank transfers or cash, just contact me.  For businesses I am happy to invoice you after the service is complete (14 days to pay) or you can pay session by session, up to you.

Q.  Do you work with couples eg. partners/mum and daughter/father and son?

A.  Of course.  For young people under 18, I prefer to have a parent or family friend present, or written permission from the primary carer and I'm happy to work with any couples and partners too.

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