and the equally iconic Tavi Gevinson

“….In late June, the Rookie Road Trip kicked off in New York. We went record shopping and banner-making in Philadelphia, got ice cream in Columbus, played arcade games in Ann Arbor, made zines and saw Girls Rock! Chicago in Chicago (and my WORLDS COLLIDED through a viewing of Superbad with my school friends and Rookie staffers), went vintage shopping in Iowa City, saw Moonrise Kingdom and crafted at Urban Outfitters in Omaha, raced go-karts in Boulder, made banners in a sculpture park in Salt Lake City, I was sick in Boise, made crowns in Seattle, got Voodoo Doughnuts in Portland, got ice cream in Eureka, got ice cream in San Francisco, hung out at the Henry Miller Library in Big Sur, and created an installation in Los Angeles, where we held a week of events.”

This right here is why I love reading her blog – she just makes life sound so … well… exciting and whimsical at the same time.  I don’t even want to calculate how old I was when she was born, proving as if it needed stating that the young are just the absolute dog’s bollocks!  Tavi – I love you!


Is this who women are now?

“It’s a vision of what’s happening in the world right now with women.  On videos and TV all of the women look fake. I wanted to show this plasticized vision, but filtered through classic pieces and sticking to tradition.”  Miuccia Prada

From the Kardashians (I’m still not convinced they are famous for any real reason) to the UK’s The Only Way Is Essex and Made In Chelsea, it seems women have a new image we are meant to covet.  Long hair (extensions are fine), long nails, false eyelashes, fake tan… are we seeing a theme here? I can hear the suffragettes turning in their graves to rise up and say ‘are you for real?’

b-store is no more!

b-store is dead.  It has been replaced with another store simply called ‘Other’ and is back to what Matthew Murphy and Kirk Beattie started out doing – nurturing young designers and thereby stocking labels that you may literally have never seen before.  Long live Other!

Carla Bruni’s new role as housewife!

It seems Carla Bruni has spoken out about her desire to ‘do the same thing everyday’ and stay at home with her husband and family.  A nobel intention however I have to wonder about her perspective on reality.  This is an ex-supermodel married to one of France’s VIP’s who has had opportunities that most of us only dream about.  Hmmm… it must be nice to make the choice to stay at home when you have millions of Euro’s in the bank and a face like an angel?


H&M at what price?

What a terrible tragedy – a fatal fire in a clothing factory producing product for H&M, Wal-Mart and Dickies to name a few has motivated local workers to step up action calling for factory owners to upgrade safety in their factories.

Coming from England, I have been a big consumer from H&M and love their clothing lines but this leaves a sour taste in my mouth, at what price fashion now?