Spring is..sort of…here!

Spring racing carnivalAh Melbourne…

It always makes me smile how we all love to comment on the crazy spring weather that is Melbourne.  Even though it happens every year and there’s an actual song about 4 seasons in one day… we are still left open-mouthed by the swing from 25 degrees to 2 degrees in the space of 24 hours!

So, since this week alone I, along with most of you, have battled strong winds, torrential rain, bright sunshine and grey afternoons here are my top tips for dressing and staying sane in Spring:

Don’t wear floaty dresses yet!

This will cause you no end of hassle whilst you continually try and make the skirt half stay down in blustery weather or worse, it will stick to your legs and bum if it gets damp or wet!

Do take layers!

This is a no-brainer of course, Melbournites know this already but it bears repeating that a light jacket and cardi can save you when it goes from 30 degrees to 12 degrees in the space of 20 minutes.

Don’t give up your boots!

I’m talking a pair of ankle boots here, preferably in tan or black with a low-medium heel that can be worn with jeans or a pencil skirt.  Even if its hot outside, your boots won’t look out of place due to the newness of the season and it will keep your feet dry in a sudden shower.

Lighten up! (your colours of course)

Spring may not be quite awake and out of bed yet, but your colours can reflect the change in season even if the weather hasn’t caught up.  Lighten your colours from black to soft greys/peach/mint/tan or neutrals, focus on lighter fabrics too, cotton and silk rather than wool and heavy fabrics.  It will make you feel more in season whilst staying warm.

Finally … in the spirit of hoping the sunshine starts staying for longer than half and hour, have a look at the wonderful styles over at Fabulous-Femme.com who takes a fabulous photo or two of our ladies dressed up for the racing carnival.  Enjoy!



Cheap Monday

Cheap Monday Jeans

My star purchase so far this winter has to be the beautifully soft denim regular wash Cheap Monday jeans I found for the dirt cheap price of $8 in an op shop last week.  One quick trip to the Golden Needle alterations lady and they now fit perfectly. The power of perfect jeans cannot be underestimated. May the force be with you!



image copyright – the iconic.com.au

The wrong dress

the wrong dress

So what’s wrong with this dress you ask?  Ah well here is the fascination of fashion psychology… ostensibly nothing is wrong with it at all, apart from the process of thought that went into my buying it.

Allow me to take you on my journey of error!!!!

There I was with my best friend in H&M several months ago.  It was the first time I had ventured inside for a long time as I had forgone spending money on full priced items.

There the dress sat looking drapey and serene, set in a rack of other drapey, serene items and that started the fantasy, the dream of floating around in it through the summer, I started picturing occasions where I would be wearing it, drink in hand, laughing… of course.  The dream of a better life!

So what happened????  Well several things took place.

One – it was full length and despite trying it on in the changing room, I did not see then that it would feel very much like wearing a nightdress.

Two, the colour didn’t suit me.  This one I already knew and decided it was worth the compromise, I could always wear a scarf I reasoned, separating the colour from direct proximity to my face.

Three, I was shopping with my best friend and we were having a good day, euphoria abound so I wasn’t really paying too much attention to detail, I got swept up in it all.

Four – and this should have been the mother of all red flags – I had doubts.  Small doubts, but they were there.  I couldn’t quite work out what they were but I had a niggling feeling that something wasn’t quite right and I ignored them.

So there we are – proof positive that despite knowing your personal style guidelines you can still get it very wrong from time to time.  I recall seeing stylists Trinny and Susannah talking about choosing their outfits and hair for a major event and in hindsight realising they both made terrible choices!

Words to live by.  Enjoy!

Fast Fashion broken down

I have recently discovered a new blog called Stylish Murmurs written by Victoria based blogger Deborah.  I’ve really been enjoying her no fuss take on style and her regular outfit posts, however it was her explanation about her approach to limiting her fast fashion purchases that was so useful that I thought “I really couldn’t write that any better” so thought I won’t and will instead direct you to her post here.

In a nutshell what drew me to her post was her description of having a strong emotional response to clothing and that she can quickly lose herself in the beauty of something and disregard that it may not suit her body or lifestyle.

Well done Deborah, love your work!


Top Five Basics

The temperatures in Melbourne have just started dropping into the 20’s and with it comes an excitement in me for chunky sweaters, coats and boots.  So with that, I thought I’d share my absolute favourites, the top five basics that no winter can be gotten through without!  Here they are…

Tan Ankle Boots


I am sure many would disagree but for me tan ankle boots are an absolute must, more so than black.  For the last couple of years I have been wearing an Italian leather pair that were actually given to me for free by a colleague who got them from a friend who had realised they were a size too big for her.  Cue my absolute joy, I have worn them to death, so much so that in the last winter sales I was forced to buy another pair because the originals are almost on their last legs!

Tailored Jeans


I had a pair of H&M dark denim flares that were perfect in every way, except they gaped at the waist.  I took them to my lovely tailor Gabriele (Carlton’s finest) and he removed the waistband, took in the waist and sewed them up again.  Suffice to say I wore them and wore them and they have finally given up the ghost, but what a difference the tailoring made.  I recommend this wholeheartedly, money well spent!

Black, Cream or Dark Grey Blazer


Ok so I have blazers in all 3 colours … again an absolute, can’t-live-without staple and oddly I have to say I get most wear out of the cream one!  It just sets off my jeans and boots mentioned above perfectly.  Add a trilby and i’m good to go.



Yes, all patterns and colours really, no winter outfit accessory works harder in my wardrobe than scarves.  I especially favour big chunky ones in neutral colours, I just feel so warm and snuggly on a cold day and it adds that colour or texture to my outfit in an easy, understated way.

Fake Fur Jacket


This has been a relatively new revelation to me, but last winter I purchased one on Ebay in a rich tan colour and I wore it almost every day.  I found it added a touch of glam to jeans and boots but also worked for nighttime looks in a bohemian, Marianne Faithful way.

All in all, take these items away and my outfit choices feel much less pulled together.  Bring on winter, I’m ready!




New year wardrobe edit guide

circa vintage rail

How many of us start the new year with all kinds of resolutions and good intentions but neglect to include a closet clean out? Yeah me too, guilty. We usually focus on body image, jobs, parenting but a wardrobe edit has the power to jump start these other areas, if done right!

Here is a photo of my latest clean out (ok its February already, who’s counting?)

 Wardrobe edit Feb 16

Trust me this is a vast improvement on the previous version!  So on to the basics, where to start?

1.  Look at inspiration online via Pinterest or blogs to find out what styles you prefer.

2. Take everything out of your wardrobe and lay it out, then piece by piece try it on and ask yourself these three questions – does it fit? Do I feel really good in it? Would I buy it new again now? If you’re unsure on any of those three questions then put it to one side in a black sack or big bag.

3. Put back only pieces you are 100 percent happy with, everything else put away put of sight and if you haven’t missed anything in 2 months time give it to an op shop or sell/give to consignment stores. It’s really that simple. Once you’ve done this a few times it will become second nature and you’ll never get stuck or bored with your outfits again! For more personal advice I can help you one on one, or give me a call!

Enjoy x





What I learned from a (much) younger blogger

cocochic image

cocochic 2


Most of you will know by now, I’m not a blogger.  This means I don’t do outfit shots and I don’t post regularly.  One reason is that I am a focussed on styling rather than blogging but mainly its because there are countless blogs out there doing it really well already.

One such blog is Cocochic written by Stephanie Toms, a UK based, self-described fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger.  What I like about her site is a combination of interesting images and looks, funny, self-depreciating and enjoyable writing style, and the overall design and look of her site.

Since I mostly read blogs from the over 40 community (my regular reads are Fashionadventuresatanyage and Beautyj’adore it got me thinking about how we may unintentionally limit ourselves by sticking to our reading about our age group, instead of branching out and looking at sites by younger bloggers who may just have something to offer us more mature, seasoned ladies.

Reading Stephanie’s blog made me smile – she uses words like Ya-rly and FOMO regularly, and it reminded me of what being young is really about.  The ability to embrace life, wear what you want but still take things seriously and care about your place in the world.  Not so different from us older lasses huh?

Bravo Stephanie!



The power of neutrals


I have recently been working with a fabulous lady who is fully ready to overhaul her style and it occurred to me how many women choose black over neutrals.  Therein lies the conundrum, is black really a neutral? 

Across the globe in developed countries black is chosen as a default for everything from uniforms to funeral wear.  This colour which can look so amazing is often relegated to the bottom rung of the ladder in style terms – the first thing people grab to wear or a safety colour for can't-be-bothered days. 

Well, its time we all looked at the vast array of options that do so much more for shape and style than any old black t-shirt can do.

These ladies show us how its done.  Enjoy!



neutrals stockholm street style

neutrals needsupply


Micro trend – Fringe and Fray

fringe 3

fringe bellevivir.com

fringe & fray

juliannemoore fringed bag

Fringe? Frayed? Noooooooooooo!  I hear you cry….  Well fear not friends, I’m not talking about diving headlong into Festival territory where you start dressing like your teenage daughter and tripping through the tulips in your ripped denim hotpants.  No, take deep breaths, this is a mature, adult take on fringe and fraying, done with a modicum of decorum and a soupcon of style. 

Look for bags with fringe at the base (they’ve been around for seasons so try Asos or H&M) or the easiest way is to find a lightweight scarf with a larger than usual proportion of fraying around the edge and voila, there you have it, a nod to the trend without feeling like Kim Kardashian wants you on speed dial stat.


Get ready for spring

Ahh Spring… blossoms, crisp sunshine, light colours … this season make it really easy on yourself and draw inspiration from these stylish women who have kept things very simple.






all images courtesy of Pinterest

  • the details are all important. Round sunglasses, different fabrics together like leather and silk, the right size bag, don't overlook the impact they make.
  • keep your sillhouette simple, purchase the best fitting pair of straight leg or skinny black pants you can afford and invest in a classic leather jacket in either a biker or suit jacket shape.
  • don't be put off by models and tiny dress sizes, what works on a slim woman can easily look great on a curvy shape, just emphasise the parts of your body you're most proud of.
  • wear one statement piece at a time and keep the rest of your look neutral. A kimono jacket or a bright pattern or colour is the only thing you need to express your style. If you like wearing paler colours, keep the tones similar from head to toe for a savvy put-together look.
  • Enjoy yourself… its nearly spring!