What I learned from a (much) younger blogger

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Most of you will know by now, I’m not a blogger.  This means I don’t do outfit shots and I don’t post regularly.  One reason is that I am a focussed on styling rather than blogging but mainly its because there are countless blogs out there doing it really well already.

One such blog is Cocochic written by Stephanie Toms, a UK based, self-described fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger.  What I like about her site is a combination of interesting images and looks, funny, self-depreciating and enjoyable writing style, and the overall design and look of her site.

Since I mostly read blogs from the over 40 community (my regular reads are Fashionadventuresatanyage and Beautyj’adore it got me thinking about how we may unintentionally limit ourselves by sticking to our reading about our age group, instead of branching out and looking at sites by younger bloggers who may just have something to offer us more mature, seasoned ladies.

Reading Stephanie’s blog made me smile – she uses words like Ya-rly and FOMO regularly, and it reminded me of what being young is really about.  The ability to embrace life, wear what you want but still take things seriously and care about your place in the world.  Not so different from us older lasses huh?

Bravo Stephanie!



Fashion Hayley lovin!

I was happily doing some serious browsing at Lenko in Flinders Lane today when I swung around to see one of my favourite bloggers hayley Hughes of Fashion Hayley!




I was happily doing some serious browsing at Lenko in Flinders Lane today when I swung around to see one of my favourite bloggers Hayley Hughes of Fashion Hayley!

Now as I am wont to do in these situations, I instantly felt a little star struck and so totally downplayed how exciting it was to meet her by mumbling incoherently – made worse with a streaming cold! She was very gracious and asked if I blogged (cue another unintelligible reply by me when I could have just replied yes) but I did manage to ask how she was settling back into Melbourne “loving it” and how much I enjoy her blog.

I read Hayley’s blog because its a refreshing alternative to the bajillions of selfie-posting, YSL loving blogs out there and she talks about interesting new labels you may not have heard of, whilst giving us a well-written glimpse into her exciting life. Along with Susie Bubble, Jess at Whatwouldkarldo Sarah at sarahsstyleemporium and Phoebe at Ladymelbourne – these ladies keep me in the know, help sate my voracious appetite for all things fashion and keep me smiling along the way.



How fat and ugly makes more money than you

'Fat and Ugly' equals real style

If you haven't been living in darkest Peru for the past few decades you will no doubt be up close and personal with the fashion industry's unrealistic idea of what is attractive – read: verrrryyyyy skinny, extra tall girls and overly muscled, square jawed boys.

So, before you throw your double-choc muffin in the air and scream "its all too much!" sit back and enjoy a well deserved break in the form of how the so-called 'fat and ugly' people are taking sexy back…


Elisa Sednaoui talks fashion

and with some authority too!

Elisa Sednaoui is a model, director and actress but you or I have probably seen her modelling for Chanel and Vogue.  For someone with Italian, French and Egyptian heritage it is almost a guarantee to be blessed with stunning looks and holy moly the girl can dress!  Enjoy a few moments in her company…


Melbourne’s RMIT fashion graduates 2012

RMIT Fashion showcase

at Alice Euphemia, Melbourne

There was something really exciting about being at Melbourne's iconic store Alice Euphemia last night for the showcase of RMIT's latest crop of talented fashion designers and their publication to promote the designs. 

The standard both on and off the mannequins was, as to be expected, extremely high including

  • incredible, intricate, beaded corset by Natasha Fagg
  • a pair of fantastic vegas-meets-hawaii style flatforms in hot pink!
  • galaxy print midi skirt with crop knit and a classic poplin stripe dress
  • handmade crab-print tee with gold hi-tops and a gorgeous stinging yellow silk top (more on designer Wei in my next post)
  • blonde/dark crop hair with a-line swing white dress with pink leaf print

see for yourself!


beaded corset RMIT

beaded corset RMIT -2

yellow flatforms

space skirt poplin dress

yellow silk top custom tee

pink white dress

Leandra Medine talks about being the Man Repeller

So I admit it, I'm a HUGE fan! 

Remember that scene from Sex and the City when Miranda takes them all to a baseball game and they meet the new Yankie player afterwards?  She gushes all over him and then some, well that's me to Leandra Medine whom I wholeheartedly adore from over several oceans away.  Here she is talking some stuff about her new clothing line and man repelling.  Just in case you haven't seen her site here it is:  manrepeller.com

Melbourne Handmade Jewellery Designer

Net and neon jewellery!

Today I had the pleasure of meeting Milagros Kuga, owner and designer of Melbourne based label Milik Mila has travelled extensively recently including to Japan and Europe showcasing her gorgeous handmade funky designs using silks, netting and embroidery and allowed me to showcase them for you here.  Reasonably priced with earrings starting around $60 I had to exert enormous willpower not to buy then and there!  Contact her on [email protected] or 0432 934 719 (Stylerevival does not receive any type of commission from this post, opinions are my own) red net earringsgold fabric earringspink neon earringsred net necklace-red silk earrings4 gold fabric earring designs


Wishing everyone a good January – a time when blogs are full of the stuff we should all be thinking about, jogging, cleaning out our make-up drawer, getting those pants mended, thinking of exciting non-computer games to play with our kids… wait a minute… I know I won’t get around to any of those things (pass me the chips please) so instead here’s an inspiring photo of the stunning Leandra Medine from Manrepeller.com to focus us all on looking sharp and being braver in this new year!


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